The regular study of the Bible and books that help to enliven its message (e.g., Luther’s catechisms, commentaries and other study resources) is a key way the disciple practices loving and knowing God.  You will find many opportunities for learning and discussion through Bible Studies, Sunday Schools, Vacation Bible School, WELCA, and more.  Some of these studies are on hold while we physically distance ourselves, but we still have plenty of options.

Regular opportunities for study happen weekly. Join us on Zoom for
- Bible Study Tuesday nights - email
- Bible Study Thursday mornings - email

Also, join us for a monthly highlight of a book or section of the Bible and try to "unpack" it a little to help us better understand the unique message it holds.

Deacon Andrew has put together the helpful reflection questions below to keep in mind as you read the Bible.  These questions are lenses through which we can navigate the waters of the Bible.