St. Andrew Lutheran Church of Canyon Lake

Approved June 14

As we have moved into a time of allowing some in-person gathering, groups within the church and groups that use church facilities have asked for guidance.  If and when the guidelines are changed, we will update these postings. 

1. Gathering outdoors is always preferable to indoors.

2. Spacing of 6 feet between people must be maintained.

3. The size of groups must not exceed what the space, indoor or outdoor, can hold with proper distancing.

4. Any indoor group larger than 10 people must use masks.

5. Groups of any size gathering indoors anywhere other than the large spaces (sanctuary, fellowship halls) must use masks.

Hand sanitizer and masks are available in the office and sanctuary.


October 18, 2020

Starting this week and for the foreseeable future, we plan to welcome those who wish to attend worship in-person to do so.  Below is a Church Council resolution spelling out some details, especially regarding what to do if you have been exposed to Covid-19 and how the church will respond to a potential exposure.  

This decision is based on current trends and patterns, so, of course, it may still need to change.  Obviously, if and when we have local outbreaks or significantly increased transmission, we will have to respond accordingly.  If we suddenly had everybody coming at once, we would not be able to maintain proper spacing.  And if we have a problem with adhering to health and safety procedures, we will have to address that.  But it is our hope that this is the right time for this move, and it can proceed smoothly as you all use your best judgment. 

The other worship options will continue, and indeed, this way forward relies on some people continuing to use those options.  In all of this, thank you for your patience.