First, remember that it's OK to make a mistake, just remain calm and reverent. The pastor and liturgist are there to help in a bind. The procedure will get easier the more often you do it.


1. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early if acolyte
2. The usher will help you light the taper
3. The usher will let you know when to start, and walk slowly and respectfully down the aisle.
4. Pause on the step in front of the alter.
5. Light the right and then the left candles on the alter. If the Christ Candle is up (the big one in the middle, light that first).
Occasionally there will be candelabras instead of single candles. Light those from the inside out.
6. Put the flame out (pull the taper in then push back out)
7. Face the alter for another pause
8. Walk back down the aisle and place the candle lighter in the back.

EXTINGUISHING CANDLESSt. Andrew of Canyon Lake acolyte

1. Get the taper toward the end of the closing hymn, most often around the second to last verse.
2. Walk respectfully to the alter
3. Pause on the step
4. Put out the right candle
Do not push the bell down onto the follower (the brass ring at the top of the candles). This will push the wick down. Cover the flame with the bell and count: One Mississippi, Two Mississippi The candles should be out.
5. Light the taper and put out the left candle
6. Extinguish the Christ candle if it is there.
7. Brief pause
8. Walk back down the aisle.

There will be a helper for each side of the alter.
When communion begins, sit on the chair toward the outside of the alter. There will be a big bowl on the stand.
Communion will be distributed, and Pastor will say a short blessing
Grab your bowl, stand and walk by the alter railing so the can put the cups in the bowl, ending together at the center of the railing.
Sit down, and repeat until everyone passes through.
You receive your communion after the congregation finishes. You will stand in front of the alter. You will receive the wine from the common cup. If you prefer grape juice, please take a cup of juice from the tray on the alter before standing together.

Acolytes and Communion helpers may also help with the following:
- collect cups during communion
- pass out visitor bags
- ring the bell at the beginning of the service
- tear out sign in sheets from red books after the service